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!EXCLUSIVE! Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 Multilanguage .rar


Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 Multilanguage .rar

Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Multilanguage Patch.rar---------------------- Forwarded by Rob G Gay/NA/Enron on 12/13/2000 03:08 AM --------------------------- From: Ami Chokshi@ENRON on 12/13/2000 02:50 AM To: Rob G Gay/NA/Enron@Enron cc: Subject: LPGA player types Rob, Here is the list of types. AMI ---------------------- Forwarded by Ami Chokshi/Corp/Enron on 12/13/2000 02:48 AM --------------------------- "Stacey Doherty" on 12/13/2000 12:42:13 AM To: "Ami Chokshi" cc: Subject: LPGA player types The LPGA Player Types is as follows: 1. A Type A--A LPGA player, this is what most people think of when they think of a LPGA player. They are more competitive, and you will see them at major national and international tournaments. These are the players that you see on the Sunday TV broadcasts, and the telecast of the majors. 2. A Type B--A relatively new LPGA player, she will play on the LPGA tour full-time. This player is competing to get on the LPGA team, and ultimately compete in the Solheim Cup. This player, along with the Type A players above her, should make up the majority of the LPGA players. These players should average at least one or two LPGA events a year. They might be the best in the US. 3. A Type C--This is the one you will hear most about, a Type C player is someone who plays well in the Symetra, maybe wins a couple of times a year. She might be on the LPGA team in a one-off event. These are the players that are fun to watch. These players will play one or two events a year, competing with each other to be named the LPGA's Rookie of the Year. 4. A Type D--The third group, the Type D

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!EXCLUSIVE! Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 Multilanguage .rar

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